Company Introduction



EAGLE FLIGHT是全球领先的通用航空服务领域的专业公司,主要为国内外通用航空公司的商务飞行、急救飞行、要客飞行、以及包机飞行提供专业、高效、一站式的飞行支持服务。本公司拥有FAA签派执照的专业人员,拥有超过十年经验的运营工作人员, 24小时为您的飞行提供全面的保障。
总部设立于香港,在北京、新加坡设有分支机构,在世界范围内提供航路申请服务,时刻申请服务,签派服务, 地面保障服务,统称为全球飞行支持服务(TSS)。
Company Introduction:Thank you for contacting EAGLE FLIGHT SERVICES COMPANY LTD!  EAGLE FLIGHT SERVICES (EFS) is a leading global trip support provider servicing corporate, charter and commercial flight operations around the region providing Trip Support Services(TSS) to our customers globally with more than 10 years staff experiences.
TTS -  Comprehensive solutions or customized individual services vital for safe, successful trips.
EFS is available 24 by 7 to handle even the most sensitive and time-critical missions. We leverage our global relationships with vendors and agents so that all of your needs are met - no matter how challenging the request. With one phone call, EFS provides a complete portfolio of services.